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Football Gaming Made Sweet With PES 2016

Football Gaming Made Sweet With PES 2016


EA Sports FIFA’s rival KONAMI’S Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is making big waves this year and it’s really on form. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is snappy, fluid, physical and much more exciting. And yet it’s not easy to pinpoint exactly why that is. It’s one of those games you just have to fall in love with.

What’s clear is that KONAMI has been indulging in plenty behind the scenes making dozens of tiny adjustments that all combines to make PES 2016 play better than ever before. It’s one of those occasions where you’re forced to reassess your thoughts on last year’s game. PES 2015 felt great at a time but go back to it after playing this and it seems positively sluggish. This year, passing is sharper and split second quicker. The same goes with tackling, it’s not simply a case of winning the ball cleanly or being booked for a foul, but something with different degrees of success or failure. It’s all about context. The action of play performs in any given situation will vary depending on the number of different factors. Often it’s simply down to individual ability though even the best strikers will miss the ball if they are off balance or under pressure. PES 2016 has detailed animations and player expressions suitable for a particular event in the course of the game. ¬†Footballers celebrate, mope and sulk during the course of a match making the game more realistic. Due to KONAMI’S adopted new modelling techniques, player faces are incredibly accurate, spotting little or no difference from their real faces. In addition, players expressions to various pitch conditions makes playing super exciting. From slippery grounds and wet jerseys when raining to sweaty looks during summer seasons. Weather conditions also switch during the course of the game. Another interesting feature of the game is the wild chants from the crowd in their respective team colors cheering their teams up and this is simply remarkable.



KONAMI has also been busy making changes off the pitch too. The last few PES games sported really poor menus and icons, which made managing your team a chore. This changes in PES 2016 with a completely new interface. With smart use of colors, transparencies, menu highlights, and font, the menus of PES 2016 make its predecessor seem rough in comparison. The interface for Master League is much better and everything is more user friendly.



It’s still a pity that licencing issues making many of the kits and team names go wrong. But there are option files and update patches available to fix them perfectly. The commentator together with his co-commentator are a bit of mismatch. With one sounding like he’s about to explode and the other like he’d rather be somewhere else. But these are very minor complaints of the game.

PES 2016 is a game made with loving care by people who clearly know about football inside and out. And ultimately means we players get treated to an endlessly absorbing take on a beautiful game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016



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